AATCC 135 Dimensional Stability of Fabric for Home Laundering

Purpose of Test

This test checks for any changes in dimensions in fabrics after typical home washing and drying.

  • All fabrics appropriate for home laundering may be tested 

Terminology Defined

Dimensional change = A term representing any change in width or length in fabric after washing and drying.

Standard reference detergent = A powder detergent used in top-load washing machines. For this test, 66 grams is used per load. 

AATCC Shrinkage Scale and Marking Pens (Image Source: aatcc.org)

Test Method

Materials Used for Test

  • Test specimens
  • AATCC Standard Reference Detergent
  • Indelible ink marking pen
  • Ruler or shrinkage scales
AATCC Standard Reference Detergent, with and without brightener (Image Source: sdlatlas.com)

Testing Procedure

  • The testing parameters include various washing temperatures, agitation cycles, and drying methods commonly used in home laundering.

Test Procedure (Summary)

  • Part 1: Weighing and washing:  A technician weighs the test specimens and ballast to make a specific-sized washing load. They then add detergent and run the washer for a standard amount of time. 
  • Part 2: Drying and Measuring: The specimen is dried according to test requirements and allowed to cool. Then it is measured for shrinkage, elongation, or other changes following the laundering process. 

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