AATCC 15 Colorfastness to Perspiration

Purpose of Test

Chemists use this test to determine whether the dyed or printed color on various fabrics will stand up to acid perspiration. 

It is designed for various fabrics, including: 

  • Yarn
  • Dyestuffs
  • Colored fibers
  • Printed fibers

Terminology Defined

Colorfastness — Colorfastness is a fabric’s ability to retain color in various conditions.

Simulated acid perspiration solution — A standardized, manufactured solution used to test fabrics against chemicals in human sweat.

Artificial perspiration solution (Image source: biocompare.com)

Test Method

Materials used for test 

  • Test item
  • Artificial perspiration solution
  • Fibers for color transfer

Testing Procedure

Timing of Test — the colorfastness to perspiration test should be performed prior to applying any bleach or cleaning product. It may be performed before or after any of the following: 

  • Washing
  • Shrinkage
  • Ironing

Test Procedure (Summary)

Part 1: The technician applies perspiration solution to the test fabric and transfer fibers and applies a fixed amount of mechanical pressure. 

Part 2: They then allow the sample to dry at a higher-than-normal temperature.

Technicians then look for color change and look at the transfer fibers to see if the specimen bled off any color.

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