AATCC 128 Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics: Appearance Method

Purpose of Test

This test evaluates the appearance of textiles after wrinkling. It is recommended for fabrics made with any fiber, or combination of it.

This method can be used to test fabrics in their original and unwashed state, or after home laundering.

Terminology Defined

Wrinkle Recovery – The ability of the fabric to return from a collapsed deformed state to its original state.

AATCC Wrinkle Tester – The instrument used to determine the wrinkle recovery rate of a fabric crimped for a specific period.

AATCC Wrinkle Tester (Image Source: testextextile)

AATCC 3D Wrinkle Recovery Replicas – The 3-Dimensional reference standards for evaluating the wrinkle recovery rate.

AATCC 3D Wrinkle Recovery Replicas (Image Source: AATCC)

Test Method

Materials Used for Test

  • Test specimen
  • AATCC Wrinkle Tester
  • AATCC 3D Wrinkle Recovery Replicas
  • Hangers and clips

Testing Procedure

The test specimen is maintained at a certain pressure for a given period under standard conditions using a crimping device. After the crimping, the test fabric is contained again under standard atmospheric conditions and then compared to a reference sample for evaluation.

Test Procedure (Summary)

Part 1: Conditioning of test specimen: The test specimen is prepared under standard atmospheric conditions for 8 hours.

Part 2: Crimping of test specimen: The test fabric is crimped for a recorded time. The test specimen is removed from crimping and left suspended for 24 hours.

Part 3: Rating the wrinkle recovery: After the suspension period, the fabric is compared to the 3D Wrinkle Recovery Replicas to identify the wrinkle recovery rate.

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