AATCC 96 Dimensional Changes in Commercial Laundering

Purpose of Test

This test determines the dimensional changes of fabrics after commercial laundering. 

This test follows a range of washing procedures ranging from severe to mild to simulate various types of commercial laundering.

Five drying tests procedures are used for the drying techniques. Such methods are not accelerated and must be repeated for accurate identification of dimensional changes after several washes.

Terminology Defined

Dimensional Change – A term representing any changes in width or length of the fabric after washing and drying.

Standard Reference Detergent – A powder detergent used in top-load washing machines.

AATCC Shrinkage Scale and Marking Pens (Image Source: AATCC)

Test Method

Materials Used for Test

  • Test specimens
  • AATCC Standard Reference Detergent
  • Indelible ink marking pen
  • Ruler or shrinkage scales
  • Iron
AATCC Standard Reference Detergent, with and without brightener (Image Source: SDL Atlas)

Testing Procedure

The testing parameters include various washing temperatures, agitation cycles, and drying methods commonly used in commercial laundering.

Test Procedure (Summary)

  • Part 1: Weighing and washing:  A technician weighs the test specimens to make a specific-sized washing load. They then add detergent and run the washer for typical commercial laundry settings.
  • Part 2: Drying and Measuring: The specimen is dried according to test requirements and allowed to cool. Garments are also ironed. Then it is measured for shrinkage, elongation, or other changes following the laundering process. 

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