AATCC 81 pH of the Water-Extract from Wet Processed Textiles

Purpose of Test

This test evaluates the pH levels of wet-processed textiles. In this test, the chemicals affecting pH are removed from the textile and collected as water extract to measure the pH level.

Terminology Defined

pH –  Measurement of how acidic or basic a liquid is.

Wet Processing – The manufacturing stage of textile where it gets treated with colorants or chemicals.

pH meter – A device used for evaluating the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid solution.

pH meter (Image Source: Carl Roth)

Test Method

Materials Used for Test

  • Test specimen
  • Distilled water or deionized water
  • pH meter

Testing Procedure

The test specimen is boiled in deionized or distilled water. The extracted water is cooled to room temperature and evaluated for ph level.

Test Procedure (Summary)

Part 1: Boiling of test specimen: The test specimen is boiled using deionized or distilled water.

Part 2: Water extraction: The water is extracted from the test specimen and let cool until it hits room temperature. The pH level is evaluated.

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